The men and women of the Javits Center are committed to providing the highest level of services to our exhibitors and attendees, and to do so while maintaining an equally high standard of conduct. The following Code expresses our values and core beliefs; while we cannot address every situation that might arise, these are the principles that should govern our behavior. The Center’s has adopted and distributed a number of more detailed employee conduct policies, which elaborate on many of the principles set forth below. We encourage you to consult those policies for more detailed guidance in specific areas.


  1. Our customers and the public are entitled to honest and professional services, to accurate information about those services, and to prompt and courteous responses to all requests.
  2. We will avoid any conduct or financial activity that creates, or appears to create, a conflict of interest.
  3. We will protect the property of the Center, refrain from using the Center’s facilities for an unauthorized purpose, and we will maintain the confidentiality of the Center’s, and our customers’, proprietary information.
  4. We will not accept any thing of value from any person or company doing business with the Center nor will we use our connection with the Center to secure special privileges for ourselves or for others.
  5. We will strictly obey all state restrictions on seeking or discussing employment opportunities with those who do business with the Center, and the state restrictions that govern our employment activities after we leave our employment with the Center.
  6. We will enter into contracts and purchases exclusively on the basis of price, quality, service and ability to meet the Center’s needs.
  7. We will treat co-workers and other colleagues with respect and fairness, maintain a safe and productive working environment, and not allow our personal beliefs to interfere with our professional responsibilities.
  8. We are committed to maintaining and enhancing our own knowledge and skills, encouraging professional development, and helping co-workers and employees under our supervision to achieve their legitimate goals within the organization.