The purchasing manager or their designee is responsible for the disposal of all obsolete, surplus and scrap equipment.

Periodically, the Purchasing Manager will request from each department a list of unneeded equipment.  The most efficient means of disposing of a particular department’s surplus equipment is to transfer it to another department where needed; this avoids the expenditure of new equipment.  Items can also be effectively disposed of by using it as a trade-in on the purchase of new equipment.  If the foregoing has been exhausted, the Purchasing Manager should arrange to sell obsolete and surplus equipment at public sale or transfer the asset through the NYS Office of General Services.  Such sales are widely advertised in order to inform prospective buyers.  Donation of the equipment to a charitable organization is also a recommended option.

Equipment can be scrapped, however, before an item is declared scrap, the Purchasing Manager should determine if it can not be reconditioned or reused, sold or donated.  There are two forms that must be completed and authorized to complete this process.  They are the Property Disposal Authorization Form (PDA) and the Property Disposal Disposition Form (PDD).

The requesting department submits an approved PDA form to the Purchasing Manager listing the items to be disposed of.  The Purchasing Manager prepares a PDD form and arrange for the equipment to be destroyed.  This act is to be witnessed (signature) by a Javits Security Officer and the Fix Asset Accountant.  However, before an asset can be sold, traded or scrapped the Purchasing Manager must obtain the approval of the CCOC V.P. of Finance.