The New 7 Subway Line Extension

The Javits Center’s location on Manhattan’s West Side is now closer than ever. That’s because September 2015 saw the completion of the new 7 Subway line extension and the opening of the 34th Street-Hudson Yards station. Now, New Yorkers and visitors alike are only a turnstile-spin away from the center of the city’s most dynamic—and desirable—new neighborhood.


Surrounded by the High Line, Hudson River Park, and the fast-rising, 28-acre Hudson Yards development, the new station is the first addition to the subway system in 26 years. And the $2.42 billion, 1.5-mile extension of the Flushing Line’s 7 service took 8 years to construct and connects Times Square with 34th Street and 11th Avenue. Projected to serve 32,000 passengers each weekday, the 7 Subway line extension not only heralds the rebirth of the West Side, but also represents a history-making milestone for the Metropolitan Transit Authority and New York City Transit.


The 34th Street station overflows with ultra-modern amenities, which comprise state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical and communications equipment and systems. Sure to provide relief for every straphanger is the station’s air-tempered platform level, which maintains a year-round temperature between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Other highlights include 12 Help Point Intercoms; 24 55” digital screens on the lower mezzanine that will show advertising and service notices; two mosaic tile artwork installations; and high-end architectural touches such as painted steel ceiling panels, granite floor tile, and energy efficient lighting. It all adds up to an exciting turning point for the West Side—and transforms the Javits into a convenient and accessible destination like never before.


For more details on the new station and 7 Subway line extension—including service hours and the approximate travel time from 34th Street-Hudson Yards to various stations in the city—read the MTA press release.


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