Rooftop Habitats

We care deeply about being a better neighbor for our community and our ecosystem.

The Green Roof

  • Our 6.75-acre green roof, one of the largest in the United States, is a wildlife sanctuary for dozens of local and migratory bird species, several bat species and thousands of insects. We engage in ongoing biodiversity research with NYC Audubon to study the many species utilizing our green roof for food and forage. Installation of bird-friendly glass has decreased deaths associated with bird collisions by 95%. NYC Audubon was able to use the Javits Center as a success story for influencing legislation related to Local Law 15.

  • Research published by Drexel University and Cooper Union demonstrated that, over the course of a year, the green roof retains more than 75% of the rain that hits it, which mitigates nearly 7 million gallons of stormwater runoff annually. In tandem, the green roof reduces heat flux into the building by 46% while reducing urban heat island effect in the area by about 1.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Farm

  • Our one-acre rooftop farm, managed by Brooklyn Grange, grows up to 50 crops each season and provides unique farm-to-table experiences for events at the Javits Center. The rooftop terrace and the indoor Pavilion offer flexible and stunning event space options surrounded by an orchard, pollinator meadow and shade garden. Two underground tanks with a 344,000-gallon-holding capacity capture and treat rainwater to irrigate all of the plants on the rooftop, reducing the need for potable water for irrigation by at least 50%.


  • There are five honeybee hives on the green roof and four hives at The Farm. Our beekeepers focus on honeybee health and wellness through regular maintenance, swarm prevention and pest and disease management. Each year, after we leave enough honey for our bees, we harvest 100 pounds of honey to use in event catering and honey jars for select giveaways.

Getting Here

Within New York City, public transportation is always a quick and affordable way to go- and the opening of the new 7 Subway line extension across the street makes the trip even more convenient.
Arriving from out of state? We have directions and helpful tips whether you are arriving by car, train, plane, or more.

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