The Javits Center is equipped with some of the most advanced data center and digital networking technology of any event venue in the United States. To deliver and support customer-specific technology solutions, the Javits Center has a dedicated team of certified IT support professionals specialized in the events industry.

Reliable connectivity and robust customer service have become the hallmark to our recent success, and we are committed to keeping the technology in the Javits Center updated with evolving technologies like virtualization, software defined networking, Wi-Fi 6 and intelligent security solutions. As the busiest convention center in the country, we routinely engage with a diverse set of event producers and exhibitors and own the expertise to deliver when the stakes are high and the pressure is intense. This advanced network has become the foundation for a host of recent improvements, including a state-of-the-art security camera system featuring more than 1,000 high-definition cameras, an energy management system and Jake, our new online portal that allows customers to remotely order our products and services.

Our Technology Network includes the BIG SIX:

• HIGH-SPEED INTERNET ACCESS delivered by two separate and dual-homed 10Gbps internet pipes, configured for load balancing and high availability so that our customers always remain connected

• CAT 6 COPPER AND AN OPTIC FIBER CABLE INFRASTRUCTURE designed to deliver connectivity and internet access to every part of every hall, meeting room and public space

• WIRED INTERNET SERVICES with dedicated bandwidth for each data connection, including (1.5Mbps, 3Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps and high speed configurations as needed)

• HIGH-DENSITY WIRELESS NETWORK spanning the entire building on all four levels that can host up to 70,000 mobile devices concurrently

• NEUTRAL HOST DISTRIBUTED ANTENNA SYSTEM delivering cell phone connectivity from all major networks

• STATE-OF-THE-ART DATA CENTER hosting services for physical and/or virtual servers



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