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At the Javits Center, sustainability has become a critical focus in an effort to improve the quality of life for our employees, visitors, surrounding neighborhood and ecosystem. Ultimately, we are striving to be a model of sustainable practices for the exhibition industry, buildings across New York City and the surrounding community. We are working with several institutions to study the impact of our conservation efforts while introducing new elements that we believe will have a maximum impact on the environment. As a part of our recent expansion, we have installed a one-acre rooftop farm, as well as a rooftop orchard and greenhouse, along with a host of other sustainable upgrades. All of this builds on our efforts to transform the convention center into a wildlife sanctuary and a leader in energy conservation. For us, the journey has only just begun.


Our Experts

Jacqueline Tran, Director of Energy and Sustainability

Jacqueline Tran is the Energy and Sustainability Manager at the Javits Center, which has emerged as one of the leading examples of sustainability in the events industry. Jacqueline oversees the convention center’s robust sustainability program featuring a 6.75-acre green roof that serves as a habitat for 35 bird species, five bat species and thousands of honeybees on Manhattan’s West Side. With more than 10 years of experience, Jacqueline plays a critical role in implementing cutting-edge projects, including the construction of a one-acre rooftop farm, the design of innovative waste management strategies, and the installation of Manhattan’s largest rooftop solar farm. With her broad knowledge of sustainability and expert skills as an educator, Jacqueline works closely with event managers to reduce consumption, coordinates the JavitsCares program that repurposes exhibit materials in collaboration with customers, and manages the work of research institutions, environmental organizations and corporate vendors who study the impact of the facility’s sustainable initiatives.

Julia Widmann, Sustainability Specialist

Julia Widmann is the Sustainability Specialist at the Javits Center, where she focuses on managing sustainable food and beverage operations and zero-waste initiatives across the six-block campus. She works closely with the Javits Center’s environmental services teams, in-house caterers and rooftop farmers to increase waste diversion rates and reduce the venue’s carbon footprint. With a solid background in sustainability policy and farming operations, Julia develops engagement and educational opportunities among employees and stakeholders while strengthening partnerships with community groups in order to facilitate donations citywide. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Policy from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.



Through our innovative sustainability efforts, the Javits Center is poised to sustain a green environment far into the future. Most importantly, our dedication to sustainability embodies everything that the Javits Center stands for: world-class technological innovation, resourcefulness and an unrivaled commitment to excellence. View our Sustainability Reports below:

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