With the completion of a top-to-bottom renovation, the Javits Center looks, feels and operates better than ever before. With the opening of the 7 Line extension and the High Line and the transformative Hudson Yards development, there has never been a more exciting time to visit the Javits Center. For the latest news coverage, please visit the links below.

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abc 7

Newly completed Javits Center rooftop includes one-acre working farm
September 14, 2021

Work has been completed on a rooftop event space at the Javits Center, that includes a one-acre working farm. The completion of the event space was announced on Tuesday. It's part of a $1.5 billion expansion project on Manhattan's West Side...[read full story]


Trade Show Executive

Center Of It All
June 01, 2020

Read the latest release of Trade Show Executive...[read full story]


Trade Show Executive

Putting Vast Square Footage to Use, Convention Centers Transform During COVID-19
April 12, 2020

The New York International Auto Show was scheduled to open at the Jacob K. Javits Center this week, but instead the convention center is serving as a field hospital with 4,000 beds to treat COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients. The Javits Center is only one example of the many convention centers that have been called upon to serve their communities in a critical capacity during the COVID-19 outbreak...[read full story]


washington post logo

Inside the Javits Center: New York’s militarized, makeshift hospital
April 04, 2020

Soldiers in camouflage and civilians in polo shirts lined up for a life-or-death battle: Keeping a potentially deadly virus from overrunning this makeshift hospital inside a 2.1-million-square-foot convention center within the densest, most populous city in America. Colored tape on the floor marked where to stand. Six feet. Six feet. Six feet. Proceed to the neon yellow box. Answer the soldier’s questions. “Do you have the covid virus?”..[read full story]


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Javits Center’s Rapid Response to COVID-19
April 02, 2020

When Convene spoke with Alan Steel, president and CEO of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, he couldn’t exactly pinpoint when talks of transforming the convention center into a temporary hospital began without looking back at his emails — the past few weeks, he said, have been a bit of a blur. However, Steel said, the plan to have the convention center provide emergency aid in the form of hospital space in the COVID-19 crisis “came together fairly quickly.”..[read full story]


New York Daily News

Gov. Cuomo boasts $1.5B Javits Center expansion project is ‘on time and on budget’
December 07, 2019

The massive $1.5 billion expansion of the Javits Convention Center on Manhattan’s Far West Side will come in right on schedule, Gov. Cuomo said Saturday. Signing a giant steel beam, Cuomo boasted that the plan would increase the size of the exhibition center by more than 50% when it’s done in March 2021...[read full story]


Real Estate Weekly

Javits Center cracks the code for green living in the city
July 25, 2019

The Javits Center has become an unlikley hero of the green building movement. In its latest sustainability report, the 2.1M s/f expo center says efforts to improve sustainability are helping breed wildlife, power properties, slash fuel bills and make people happy...[read full story]


Trade Show News Network

Javits Center expands its Juniors Scholarship Program
April 10, 2019

Javits Center has expanded and extended its Javits Juniors Scholarship Program, designed to support the higher education of local high school students while encouraging them to seek ways of improving...[read full story]


Crains New York Business

Javits Center will soon be home to city's largest rooftop solar array
March 20, 2019

The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center will soon be home to an array of solar panels capable of producing 1.4 megawatts of electricity, which would be enough to make it the city's largest rooftop solar array...[read full story]


The New York Times

From a Convention Center's Roof, 'Walk-Off Vegetables'
June 24, 2018

Alan Steel dreams of “walk-off vegetables” the way the beleaguered subspecies known as Mets fans dreams of walk-off homers. At this moment in another season of disappointment, Mr. Steel’s dream seems more likely, although patience is required, just as it is required with the Mets. The first crop won’t be planted until...[read full story]


Engineering News-Record

Javits Center Expansion Aims to Defy Conventions
March 19, 2018

The government agency overseeing a $1.2- billion expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on Manhattan’s far West Side took an unconventional route for a major New York City project: It bid its...[read full story]


abc 7

Thousands of bees now call the Javits Center home
November 13, 2017

The Jacob K. Javits Center is home to trade shows and conventions, but it also has the second largest green roof in the country. And now, there are some new tenants on that roof...[read full story]


The New York Times

Atop a Manhattan Convention Center, a Harvest of Honey
September 10, 2017

Let us begin not with the who, which was several thousand bees and a bunch of people in anti-sting gear that looked like spacesuits, or the what, which was harvesting honey. Let us go directly to the where. It was not a bosky setting that would bring to mind the Robert Frost poem about good fences and good neighbors, but the south...[read full story]


City Lab

Green Roofs Are Saving Birds and Hatching Bird-Watchers
August 07, 2017

​Urban development hasn’t always accommodated birds. Window collisions due to reflective glass and bright lights have hurt migrating bird populations wherever there are skyscrapers, with the American Bird Conservancy estimating that each year, up to a billion birds die via collisions in the...[read full story]


Security Management

Javits Embraces High-Tech Hospitality
August 01, 2017

With 3 million visitors crossing its threshold annually, the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is a New York City landmark. It’s hard to miss the six-block long complex, which stretches from West 34th Street to West 40th Street in midtown Manhattan...[read full story]


TimeOut New York

The Javits Center Now Offers Free Tours of Its Gorgeous Rooftop Garden
May 01, 2017

During New York Comic Con 2015, I experienced something resembling a panic attack. I was surrounded by tens of thousands of costume-clad fans and couldn't see an exit sign. I ran. Once I got outside, it was no better. More lines, more fans, and hot dog stands everywhere. If only I had known that at the top of that very building ...[read full story]


Crains New York Business

Megaprojects, Javits Expansion Will Keep NYC Competitive
February 28, 2017

With New York's safer streets, dynamic cultural institutions and rapidly changing neighborhoods like Hudson Yards, more people want to visit the city than ever before. From Rockefeller Center to the Rockaways, more than 60 million tourists came last year, fueling a surge in new hotels across...[read full story]


Commercial Observer

Lendlease-Turner Partnership Tapped to Build $1.55B Javits Expansion
November 28, 2016

A partnership between Lendlease and Turner Construction has been selected as the developer for a 1.2-million-square-foot expansion of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on the Far West Side. Directors of the New York Convention Center Development Corporation, the state entity that controls the exhibition hall...[read full story]



The Javits Center Does 7 Things at Once
November 28, 2016

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a striking one-minute time-lapse video covering a 17-day span worth? At least as many as it takes to tell the story of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City from Oct. 27 to Nov. 12, when the building was staging Hillary Clinton’s 22,000-person Election Night event in its...[read full story]


dna info

Feral Cats Employed as Rat Exterminators at Javits Center
October 12, 2016

A select few employees at the Javits Center don’t have to pay taxes, get to live at the building rent-free and accept food in lieu of paychecks. Four feral cats — Sylvester, Alfreda, Mama Cat and Ginger — are currently "working" as rodent exterminators at the convention center at 655 W. 34th St., between...[read full story]



9 Convention Center Renovations You Should Know About
September 29, 2016

The business of face-to-face meetings, conventions, and trade shows is strong, and convention centers around the country are vying to attract that business. According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the second quarter of 2016 marked the 24th consecutive quarter of year...[read full story]


American Infrastructure

The Javits Convention Center: A Paragon of Sustainability
April 19, 2016

Named after New York Senator Jacob K. Javits, who died during its opening year in 1986 after serving for 24 years, The Jacob J. Javits Convention Center boasts close to two million square feet, and, as of late 2015, achieved a LEED Silver certification.After undergoing an extensive five-year, $463 million renovation, the convention center serves as a paragon for sustainable building...[read full story]


Trade Show Executive

Exhibitors at Javits Center Get Option to Monitor Exhibits from Mobile Devices
March 22, 2016

Trade shows coming to the Javits Center in New York have a new tool to help them assess their exhibit areas from mobile devices, thanks to the launch of a new camera system option available to all shows at the Javits Center. The New York Convention Center Operating Corp. (NYCCOC), which operates the Javits Center, this week unveiled a high-definition camera system that enables...[read full story]


New York Post

The Javits Center is about to get a whole lot bigger
January 07, 2016

The Javits Center is going to become a third larger under a $1 billion expansion plan that will include the largest ballroom in the Northeast, Gov. Cuomo announced Thursday. Cuomo joked that the new 60,000-square-foot ballroom would be ideal for anyone planning a “really big wedding.” Critics have complained for years that the nation’s busiest convention center was too small...[read full story]


Real Estate Weekly

LEED-approved Javits Center drawing crowds – and flocks
December 29, 2015

New York’s Javits Center has achieved LEED Silver certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Convention Center Operating Corporation president and CEO Alan Steel announced the certification was awarded following the completion of a massive renovation. Located on Manhattan’s West Side, the Javits Center is considered the busiest convention center in the United States...[read full story]


abc 7

Green Roof atop The Javits Center becomes urban sanctuary
October 08, 2015

It's New York City's main convention center. But an unconventional story about the Javits Center is taking place up on the roof, where gardens have become a bird refuge and an enormous energy saver for the facility. It's an urban field of dreams. "It's an unexpected space in the middle of Manhattan. No one really looks at a building like Javits and expects...[read full story]


Huffington Post

To Improve Communities for People, We Should Make Them Friendlier to Birds
September 21, 2015

Every community has a unique ecological and cultural story to tell. And part of that story is told through the birds that coexist with people in each community. Over the past century, urbanization has fragmented and transformed ecologically productive land. We've introduced slabs of concrete, walls of glass, toxic pesticides and pollutants, new animal...[read full story]


The New York Times

Renovation at Javits Center Alleviates Hazard for Manhattan’s Birds
September 04, 2015

For years the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center loomed over a desolate stretch of the West 30s in Manhattan, its dark facade and severe angles earning it the nickname Darth Vader. For bird lovers, the appellation was apt since the building was a major site of bird fatalities, as the unwitting creatures smashed into the mirrorlike facade...[read full story]


New York News 1

Javits Center's Green Roof Spreads and Cools its Wings
August 26, 2015

Birds, bats and bees are all making their home on the new green roof at the Javits Center. It's the second largest green roof in the United States. The building's new eco-friendly feature has benefits to both energy and water conservation. "I have a number of students who are measuring the surface temperatures with the infrared cameras, and then...[read full story]


CBS News

Green Sanctuary on Top of NYC's Largest Convention Center
August 13, 2015

Seventeen stories above the hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan, and directly above one of the city's busiest buildings, lies a sanctuary of sorts—a green space about the size of five football fields. The way it's harboring wildlife and saving energy, one might call it a modern-day miracle on 34th Street, reports CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod...[read full story]


The Wall Street Journal

A Project That's Literally for the Birds
July 22, 2015

The Javits Center is now in the birds-and-bees business. The massive, glass-skinned convention space in the West 30s is home to beehives, bats, recently hatched chicks and nearly a dozen bird species, thanks to the green roof it completed last year. The 6.75-acre, plant-lined roof has also become a laboratory for environmental groups looking to study how...[read full story]



The Inside-Out Convention Center
July 01, 2015

The once-marooned center is part of the 28-acre Hudson Yards redevelopment project, which includes a mix of residential, office, retail, and public space. A recent renovation at Javits has opened the center up, offering panoramic views of the Hudson, and topped the building with a nearly seven-square-acre green roof. And the High Line, an art-filled public park...[read full story]


New York News 1

In Transit
June 19, 2015

In this episode of NY1's In Transit, Reporter Jose Martinez discusses the opening of the 7 Line across from the Javits Center with CEO Alan Steel, as well as its impact on operations and Manhattan's West Side community. More than two million people visit the Javits Center each year, and CEO Alan Steel says he anticipates many customers will use this new form of transportation...[read full story]



Beehives, Geese. and Green Lawns: Yes, This is the Javits Center Roof
May 13, 2015

It's a rare bucolic view on the west side of Manhattan: nearly seven acres of plants underfoot, birds chirping, geese slowly gliding in for a landing 15 feet in front of you. The slow, story-by-story climb of the Hudson Yards development is happening just a few blocks away. The fact that it's all visible from the new green roof of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center makes it all the more surreal...[read full story]


Trade Show Executive

Javits is Jumping in First Full Year Since Unprecedented Overhaul
January 16, 2015

New York, NY – The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center has completed its first full year since the completion of a stem-to-stern renovation, and 2015 is shaping up to be a banner year for the Manhattan landmark. The $465 million overhaul was wrapped up in 2013 after five whirlwind years of activity that resulted in a nearly brand new convention center...[read full story]


The New York Times

More Life at the Javits Center
January 07, 2015

For all the complaints about the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center over the years — it’s too small, too outdated, too gloomy — it never reported a bat invasion until its ambitious eco-friendly renovation was completed. The center now features a 6.75-acre living green roof, bird protective glass and a new population of insects that bats can’t resist. Five species of bats...[read full story]


New York Daily News

Raising the Roof
October 15, 2014

It takes a security escort and the negotiation of a rather steeply runged ladder to access the Jacob Javits Center’s brand-new green roof. But once you do, there are succulents as far as the eye can see. Interrupted only by the occasional air-conditioning unit, more than half of the building’s roof is now blanketed by sedum, a flowering desert plant...[read full story]


The New York Times

The 30-Minute Interview: Alan Steel
May 06, 2014

Mr. Steel, 64, is the president and chief executive of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which, along with the Hudson Yards redevelopment and a spurt of new hotels, is helping to redefine the underused Far West Side of Manhattan. The convention center is undergoing a $465 million renovation. Interview conducted and condensed by Vivian Marino...[read full story]


New York Daily News

The Javits Center's New Green Roof is Second Largest in the Country
November 09, 2013

The five-block-long Javits Center is now sporting the largest green roof in the entire city and the second largest in the country—An increasingly popular feature in sustainable buildings, it helps absorb rainwater and insulate the building. Now sporting the largest green roof in the city, the five-block-long convention center on the West Side has become the Jolly Green Javits...[read full story]


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